A player gains diamonds after every time he/she wins a match. Every diamond you gain is based on the

* Number of tokens you kill whilst playing,
* Number of tokens that reach home &
* Number of times you win matches!
Ludo is a children's game created in late Victorian times and based upon the ancient Indian game of Pachisi. There are other Western versions of Pachisi such as Parchís from Spain, Parcheesi from the USA and Uckers, a form of Ludo played in the Royal Navy (and apparently some non-British navies) on a Ludo board.
Our game Ludo The Board Game LTBG , gives an opportunity to the player to trade his winnings for rewards. Gift Vouchers.
LTBG is completely free . We at no point charge our users any money to register or to play . No hidden charges . No fees to play.
In the game rewards section you can go and choose what you want , your eligiblity is based on your winnings. Your vouchers are sent thru SMS on your mobile number.
The benefits of regisering are you get sign up bonus and only if you are registered you can trade your diamonds for vouchers.
No , Not actual money but reward vouchers.
Yes, it is an online real-time multiplayer game. Hence, The Internet connection is required.
The voucher details will be sent to your mobile in less than 7 business working days.
No, you can log in with your previous login credentials. In case if you forget a username/password you can log in by clicking forget username/password.
Download the LLTBG game from the respective play stores ..

All the parties need to download the game in order to play together

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Rules and instructions for the games of Ludo

Player on his turn rolls the dice Each throw, the player decides which piece to move. A piece simply moves in a clockwise direction around the track given by the number thrown. If no piece can legally move according to the number thrown, play passes to the next player.

A throw of 6 gives another turn.

A player must throw a 6 to move a piece from the starting circle onto the first square on the track. The piece moves 6 squares around the circuit beginning with the appropriately coloured start square (and the player then has another turn).

If a piece lands on a piece of a different colour, the piece jumped upon is returned to its starting circle.

If a piece lands upon a piece of the same colour, this forms a block. This block can be jumped upon and returned to its starting circle

Initially, all four pieces of each player are placed in the yard. The player has to roll a 6 to move a piece into their respective starting square. If a player fails to get 6, the turn passes onto the next player and so on. Now, once the player gets 6, he/she lands on a square to play.

if a player's more than one piece landed on a square he/she decides which piece be moved as per their desire and skills. Players will advance their pieces to the number of squares along the track the same as represented by the dice. P

The game aims to help all pieces reach the finishing square by moving along the track through home column. The moving track of each player is shown below. The piece can be moved into the finishing square only by rolling the exact number.

No passes are allowed in the game. A player must always move a piece as represented by the dice. If a player does not move his/her piece in the time provided, then one of his/her life will be deducted. Each player will be given 3 lives in a game. If no move is possible, the turn passes onto the next player and no life is deducted in such a scenario.

While advancing the pieces, if a player moves his/her pieceto a square where the opponent’s piece is already occupied, then the player’s piece is replaced by opponent’s piece and the latter’s piece is returned to the respective owner’s yard. Such a move is often addressed as ‘killing’. Note that killing the opponent’s piece is not possible in safe squares. Safe squares are the squares where one or more pieces of all players can be occupied safely. Safe squares are marked with xx.

The player who moves all his/her pieces to reach the finishing point first will be the winner.


When a piece has circumnavigated the board, it proceeds up the home column. A piece can only be moved onto the home triangle by an exact throw.

The first person to move all 4 pieces into the home triangle wins.
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You need to collect coins to play the game. Entery to a game is thru coins . Even entry to tournamnets and jackpot is thru coins only.
More the number of diamonds you have more the number of vouchers you can get . Trade your diamonds for rewards vouchers of Amazon and Paytm
Every new user will get a signup bonus of 100 coins
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No, you cannot transfer to other users members only use for your playing.
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Rewards coupons will be sent to your mbile number thru SMS .Refer to the voucher details will be on the voucher