How to play

Advantages of Ludo the Board Game

Advantages of “Ludo the Board Game"

You have many ways to play the game

1. You can play the game against a computer
2. You can choose to play with other online members
3. You can create private Playrooms with friends
4. Multiple players may play on a single device by passing it around

Win Unlimited Rewards

1. Win points each time you play in addition to your daily bonus points
2. Convert your winning points into Diamonds and redeem for real vouchers from different brands.

Enjoy a classic game of Ludo

Play anytime, anywhere, and win actual redeemable vouchers with every game. The more you play, the more you win.

Play more to win more diamonds &coins

Use them to enter high-value tournaments and etch your name in the Hall of Honour, too.

So you win actual redeemable vouchers as you play the game

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Have Fun, Get Entertained and Win! Get vouchers by playing the game!

What's More

Goodies for you

Redeem your diamonds for vouchers from top e-tailers

How to Earn VOUCHER

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  • Player can register with LUDO THE BOARD GAME.
  • Once you sign up, you can play various modes on the Ludo game
  • When you win a game, you will receive diamonds.
  • Now Redeem your vouchers with diamonds.

Let’s start the game & make your luck move!

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